Easiest way to cook pork cutlet bowl

We visited my friend’s house so we just want to teach how to cook pork cutlet bowl to
our children.
we peeled the onion like these pictures

Dipped the meat into the flour, then to the egg and lastly in the
bread crumbs.

Fried after and prepared for making the soup

We taught how to use Japanese knife. The way to use knife is different from Europen but he couldn’t use the knife like the
Japanese do. He just cut like western people do.
Japanese style is to cut on the pull stroke.

We finely chopped 5 onions to make 6 bowls of cutlet

crack open 6 eggs and mix onions which they have prepared.

boil the soup in special pan for cutlet bowl

put the onion to the pan and follow the onion.

And finally decorate cutlet to the bowl